Who\What God Hates This Week

Hmmm...bacon. I guess I understand this as the industrial animal-for-food complex is somewhat on the darker side of morality if you really examine it objectively. And, beyond that, cholesterol is a fairly bad side-effect of bacon. I just wonder if this means He only hates the processed and cured product or the poor piggys as a whole. From the sentiments of several world religions that don't look too kindly at any hogly appetites, it ain't looking too bright for Wilbur or Piglet when the Rapture comes. If CNN starts talking about a new pig-plague looming on the horizon, then we'll know for sure... Jage

Subtle Snark Alert - Notice Jesus' name squeezed into the confines of a Star of David shape on the women's t-shirt? Though historically accurate, it's sure not very theologically kosher, so to speak. Of course, that is, unless you belong to Jews for Jesus...


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